Our Kindergarten program provides a rich environment for children as they continue to develop socially and academically. Through a thematic approach, we explore different cultures, nature, and science. Math and reading concepts are approached in a practical, hands-on manner. Children are given responsibilities in the functioning of the classroom, and they are given the opportunity to make choices as they approach their daily routine. The curriculum is modified to meet children’s needs so they can be successful and find learning a rewarding, natural experience. Children must turn 5 before September 1st of the enrolling year.

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Centers are still a key component of the learning process for students in kindergarten at STELC.


Olden Days Store

During this STELC kindergarten tradition, students learn about economics and partnership through making and selling several products, such as bread, butter, pin cushions, picture frames, coin banks, rag dolls, and more.



Throughout the school year, the kindergarten class has a variety of hands-on experiences that coincide with a particular unit of study.

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