Children who attend St. Thomas Early Learning Center will enter college in the digital age of the 21st Century. What will the future be like for these children? What values will guide them as they make choices? What knowledge will they have accumulated on their educational journey? Our goal is to provide a foundation for lifelong learning to allow children to face whatever the future brings.

Our school is a place where young children come to play, learn and explore God’s creation with a sense of wonder and excitement. For almost 50 years, St. Thomas has lovingly educated children ages 3 to Kindergarten.

Teachers are the heart and soul of an excellent school. The faculty at St. Thomas recognizes the need to inspire, challenge and nurture each child. Our teachers share not only their knowledge and expertise but also themselves with their students and their families.

At St. Thomas, we believe children best practice life skills at play in a safe, enriching environment. Our playground offers many places for exploration, creativity and calculated risk taking that lays the foundation for confidence in learning and life.

Parents are an essential part of our school, not only as they visit, teach and volunteer, but also as they support their children’s best efforts with genuine interest and active participation.

We are also an integral part of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, which gives a unique quality to the school. Worship is but one of the characteristics that clarify our identity as a school. It is one of the special common threads that bind the life of the school and church together.

It is our privilege to play a role at the onset of a child’s educational journey. Our students are given the tools they need to embark on great adventures – prepared and ready. Come and share the adventure of St. Thomas

Beth Lawrence
Head of School

Our Mission and Values

Saint Thomas Early Learning Center is a parish day school serving children age 3 through Kindergarten. As a Christian school, in the Episcopal tradition, we worship and learn of God in scripture and nature, as well as through our common humanity. We seek to make each year so rich and full that growth and progress are truly appropriate to the age and individual.

At Saint Thomas Early Learning Center, we believe play is the work of childhood. We structure our day, classrooms, and outdoor spaces to provide for exploration and discovery. Through these experiences, our children work on self-regulation and social skills, understanding physical, properties of materials, developing thoughtful questions, and discovering the process of creating something new. We value childhood and the experiences of our children.